Starting my RTW trip with a Continental 777. I'm flying into relatively peaceful Newark Liberty, instead of messy JFK. That's a smarter way to fly direct to NYC.

Enjoying the award-winning BusinessFirst service. I like a hood on top of the seat, which looks like the one for an old baby stroller. Their made-to-order sundae with the hot scotch sauce is also fabulous. The 1st leg of my round-the-world trip. Continental B777-200 NRT-EWR. The 445th flight in my lifetime.
いろいろ賞を獲っているビジネスファーストのサービスを楽しむ。座席の頭のところにある古い乳母車についているようなフードと、注文に合わせて作ってくれるサンデーのホットスコッチがけが良い。世界一周の1レグ目。コンチネンタル B777-200 NRT-EWR。生涯445フライト目。