Unplanned supplement to my round-the-world tour. I took scheduled helicopter flight from Downtown Manhattan Heliport at East River Pier to Newark Liberty to catch Continental flight back to Narita.

Heliport has 3 letter IATA airport code "JRB" and if you're flying on Continental, you can check your luggage there to your final destination, this time Tokyo Narita. In a small terminal building, boarding pass for connecting flight will be handed and even TSA security check will be completed. They are also partnering with Delta and EOS Airlines and JFK connection is available,too.

10 munites flight to Liberty. Then a few munites walk to the lounge. Maybe the easiest way of getting out from the US. I wish I could be flying more. A rightmost big plane in picture is a 777 I will take next. The 2nd leg of my round-the-world trip. US Helicopter Sikorsky S76B JRB-EWR. The 446th flight in my lifetime. And my 2nd scheduled helicopter flight following the Monaco-Nice route.
ニューアークまで10分。あとはラウンジへ歩くだけ。おそらくは最もスピーディな合衆国からの出国の仕方。もっと乗っていたかったが。写真右端に次に乗る777の大き目の機体が写っている。世界一周の2レグ目。USヘリコプター Sikorsky S76B JRB-EWR。生涯446フライト目。ヘリコプターの定期便としてはモナコ-ニース間に続き2フライト目。