As per my request, JAL's gate agent changed my seat to the one without a seatmate in the last minutes before they start boarding procedure. Closing my RTW trip with Japanese hospitality is not bad at all. However, as always in JAL cabin, one middle-aged Japanese male passenger kept lashing out at a flight attendant, and that made entire cabin service move slower. Once Julia, a Korean American copywriter from WK Portland, told me she doesn't like Korean Air because of their arrogant passengers. As a Japanese flyer, I have the same impression with this Japanese national flag carrier and their passengers. I know the airline itself is trying hard to be better, but...

A Chinese new year gift from JAL. 5 yen Japanese coin is enclosed. The sound "5 yen" in Japanese also means an "inseparable bond " between two persons. JAL might need a stronger bond with their customers facing tougher competition in the aviation industry. This flight is the final leg of my round-the-world trip that consists of 16 flights. I flew 50,088 miles in total—equivalent to a distance greater than 4 round trips between NRT and LAX—and ate twenty inflight meals. That means I need to go on a diet. JAL B747-400 HKG-NRT. The 460th flight in my lifetime.
JALからのチャイニーズ・ニューイヤー・ギフト。袋の中に日本の5円玉。「5円」というのは、もちろん「ご縁」ということ。環境が厳しくなるいっぽうの航空業界。JALは顧客とのより強い「ご縁」が欲しいのかもしれない。このフライトは全16フライトで組み立てられた世界一周旅程の最終レグ。合計飛行距離は50,088マイル。つまりNRT-LAXの4往復以上。食べた機内食は計20食。つまりダイエットが必要。JAL B747-400 HKG-NRT。生涯460フライト目。


newlookvaly said…
Japan Airlines JAL was soooo comfortably flight in my life.:)
Shunsuke Iwai said…
Yep. Wish their tradition could survive in this economy. Thanks for your comment.