Sadly, Takako will graduate from WKT at the end of this month. So We had a farewell dinner at Chemins, Michelin's star-winning French restaurant in Akasaka, with Hassie and Kaoru. This restaurant is at the foot of Mori Building's Akasaka Tameike Tower where Takako and I had frequently visited for MORI LIVING jobs. I also have an experience of interviewing Mr. Shibata, the owner and sommelier of the restaurant, for Hills Cast, a radio commercial for Mori Building.
悲しいことに今月末でタカコがWKTを卒業する。そこでミシュランの星を獲得した赤坂のフレンチレストラン「シュマン」でハッシー、カオルとフェアウェルディナー。このレストランはタカコと僕がMORI LIVINGの仕事でよく訪れた、森ビルの赤坂溜池タワーの足元にある。森ビルのラジオCM「ヒルズキャスト」では、オーナー&ソムリエの柴田さんにインタビューさせていただいたこともある。

Our dinner has started with olives harvested at the rooftop garden of Akasaka Tameike Tower where Takako and I have a lot of memories. Then closed with a dessert prepared with this farewell message card cookie.