"I sometimes check your blog." He wrote on his new year card I received last month. Last summer I met him by chance at the position of Car No.6 on underground platform No.4 at Tokyo Station where I always start my trip abroad. He was also on his way to India as business trip on the same Narita Express train. Mr. Hidenori Fukuoka, a.k.a. Eiten-san, my very first mentor of copywriting and Senior Creative Director of Dentsu, passed away in New York City. He was 51 years old. Without Fukuoka-san, without his tender toughness and warmth, I couldn't start my career as a copywriter 17 years ago. I wish heaven had Internet access, so I keep showing him how I am doing on this blog. Fukuoka-san, thanks to you, I am still here today, working as usual, and doing well.
Photo: From a blog by "maybemay"