"Team Nippon-Go" visited Mr. Hajime Honjo, an architect and an expert in airport terminal architecture who is the son of Mr. Kiro Honjo, a legendary Japanese airplane designer/engineer. Kiro Honjo designed planes like the Mitsubishi Twin-Engine Transport L3Y including "Nippon-Go", Mitsubishi G3M Nell, and G4M Betty, at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

We interviewed him to dig his father's stories on historical Mitsubishi planes in prewar era. He also showed us a number of precious documents and materials his father left. All of these legacies will be exploited in Harada-san's aviation novel "Tsubasa wo kudasai~Freedom in the sky."
戦前の三菱機にまつわるお父様の話をうかがうためにチームで本庄氏にインタビューする。それが今回の訪問の目的。氏はお父様が遺された多くの貴重な文献や資料も見せてくださった。これらの宝物は、すべて原田マハさんが書いている航空小説「翼をください~Freedom in the sky」に活かされていく。