"Team Nippon-Go" got together to help Ms. Maha Harada to write a crucial part of her aviation novel "Tsubasa wo kudasai~Freedom in the sky." Yabe-san, Supervisor of this project, brought his handmade "Nippon-Go" and Supermarine Spitfire to explain maneuver of airplanes.
航空小説「翼をください~Freedom in the sky」のヤマ場を執筆する作家の原田マハさんをヘルプするため「チーム・ニッポン号」が集合。プロジェクトのスーパーバイザーである矢部さんは航空機のマヌーバーを説明しようと、手作りの「ニッポン号」とスーパーマリン・スピットファイアを持参。

Team is confirming a flight path of "Nippon-Go" between Europe and Southeast Asia in the latter half of its round-the-world flight. A guy in suits is Kamei-san from The Mainichi Newspapers.

Yabe-san demonstrating plane's maneuver using his whole body.