Lunch with Chris, an Oregon-based globe-trotting planner/researcher, a guru of brands and communications, and a great thinker, at the terrace of Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Roppongi Hills. I first met him more than 10 years ago when he was working on the branding of Roppongi Hills, which was still under construction then, as a leader of worldwide strategic planning function of Wieden+Kennedy. I was lucky enough to be a part of the team as a writer. From that project, the original concepts of Roppongi Hills such as "open mind" and "The city where new ideas are born" were created. It's really great to see him in the middle of Roppongi Hills which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. I think this reunion itself is an great example of how "the open-minded city where new ideas are born" can keep connecting people across borders.