I joined the annual meeting of ISHINOMAKI 2.0, a community building organization in Ishinomaki, held at IRORI Ishinomaki. Everybody in the team is now at full throttle to get prepared for our biggest event ever, Stand Up Week 2014, which will start from July 25th. In this meeting, I was appointed as one of board members of ISHINOMAKI 2.0. I first participated in their activity a few months after the 311 tsunami hit the city and almost three years have passed since then. It's a great honor for me to be a part of this amazing team who is making a difference in the community and building city's future beyond recovery.
IRORI石巻で開かれた、石巻のコミュニティ創造団体「ISHINOMAKI 2.0」の年次総会に出席した。7月25日から始まる僕たちにとって過去最大のイベント「Stand Up Week 2014」に向けて、ただいまメンバー全員がフルスロットル状態。この総会の中で、僕はISHINOMAKI 2.0の理事の一人に選ばれた。初めて2.0の活動に参加したのは311の津波から数か月たった頃で、もう3年ほど前になる。コミュニティにポジティブな変化をもたらし、復興の先にある未来を作っている素晴らしいチームの一員でいられるのは、とても光栄なこと。