I attended Ishinomaki round of presentation session organized by KIBOW, an organization supporting regions affected by the 311 earthquake and tsunami. In this session, 20 teams from Sanriku and Ishinomaki areas pitch their project idea which can bring positive changes in the region and audiences vote for the team they like to support. Winners can get grants they can use for their project.

And this is one of projects I'm supporting. Ishinomaki's local rapper Gakudan Hitori enthusiastically presented the idea to create a discotheque in downtown Ishinomaki. This new creative shrine, which will be built renovating a tsunami-affected bar at Kotobuki-cho by hand work, is now named "Kotobuki Dance Hall".

From ISHINOMAKI 2.0, the community building organization I'm participated in, Kyoko-san introduced the shared house they are making at Tachimachi Shopping Mall in Ishinomaki. They renovated the second floor of a historic tea shop also in DIY style to create rooms to live in for younger generations who moved in Ishinomaki. Kotoba Juku (School of Words), Ishinomaki's local creative team I'm participating in, gave this shared house the name "88th Night" which implies the best season for picking Japanese tea leaves. They say tea leaves picked on the 88th night will bring longevity. We are hoping this new home will be always in the best season and loved by Ishinomaki people for a long time to come.
僕がメンバーになっているコミュニティ創造団体「ISHINOMAKI 2.0」からは、享子さんが石巻の立町商店街にシェアハウスを作る計画を紹介した。歴史あるお茶屋さんの二階をこちらも手作業でリノベして、石巻に移住してきた若い世代が暮らせる部屋を用意する。このシェアハウスのネーミングは、僕も参加している石巻のクリエイティブチーム「コトバ塾」が担当。茶摘みの旬を指す「八十八夜」という名前を選んだ。八十八夜に摘まれた茶は長寿をもたらすとも言われている。新しい家が常に旬の場所であってほしい。そしてこれから長く石巻の人たちに愛されてほしい。そんな思いを込めている。

Both Gakudan-san and Kyoko-san won grants along with other teams including Hamaguri Beach project. However, the best part of the day was a high-school girl who is a member of Ishinomaki School got the most vote. She pitched the idea to create new Ishinomaki-based fashion brand and captivated an audience. This is a group shot of Team Ishinomaki 2.0 with Mr. Gakudan Hitori. From left: Koziumi-san, Abe-san a.k.a.Chief, Gakudan-san, and Akio.