Team dinner at Shikisaisyoku Imamura at Aitopia Avenue in Ishinomaki. This Japanese restaurant is run by chef/owner Imamura-san who came to Ishinomaki as a volunteer supporting city's recovery from the 311 earthquake and tsunami. While he was working as a volunteer, he decided to stay in this city and make his dream of having his own restaurant come true. Then he renovated a tsunami-affected store with his peers completely by hand using local materials and created an amazingly comfy dining space. It's a quite delightful experience to enjoy the sophisticated local flavor in a space filled with passion, friendship, and hope for the future of Ishinomaki.

With Hinako a.k.a.HNB, Art Director of Kotoba Juku and ISHINOMAKI 2.0. And Abe-san, another wonderful chef representing Ishinomaki.
コトバ塾ISHINOMAKI 2.0のアートディレクターであるヒナコa.k.a.HNB、そして石巻を代表するもう一人の素晴らしい料理人、阿部さんと。