This evening, Ginza Fukko Bar hosts Triton Night to promote Triton Project. And the Creative Team (with Hinako and Gino) of the project wears Triton-T that has the project logo designed by Gino.
今夜の銀座復興バーTRITON PROJECTをプロモートするTRITON NIGHT。プロジェクトのクリエイティブチーム(ヒナコ&ジーノと)も、ジーノがデザインしたプロジェクトのロゴがついたTシャツを着用。

Catch of the day: Silver salmons from Onagawa, sea squirts from Tanigawahama on the Oshika Peninshula, and scallops from Utatsu in Minami Sanriku. All of them were delivered by the fishermen of Triton Project.
本日のおすすめ:女川の銀鮭。牡鹿半島は谷川浜のホヤ。そして南三陸・歌津の帆立。すべてTRITON PROJECTの漁師のみなさんから届いたもの。

Kenya (left) and Yoshi (right) enjoy sea squirts.

Makigumi's Art Director Hinako is busy in the bar counter but never forgets to promote the project.


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