Some highlights from Ishinomaki Stand Up Week 2015. Play on the Street is the program to bring the best of Ishinomaki's street sports and culture. It includes skateboard and BMX demos, a kendama experience, futsal matches, a break dance performance by a local high school duo, a ball game for kids, and so on. The energy of Ishinomaki's street culture is quite dynamic, and it's great to see a whole generation, from small kids to the elderly, enjoys it.
石巻Stand Up Week 2015のハイライトをいくつか。Play on the Streetは、石巻のストリートスポーツ&カルチャーの美味しいところを集めたプログラム。スケートボードやBMXのデモ、けん玉体験、フットサルマッチ、地元の高校生デュオによるブレイクダンスパフォーマンス、子どもたち向けのボールゲームなどから構成されている。この街のストリートカルチャーのエネルギーはとてもダイナミックで、何より小さな子どもたちから高齢の人たちまで全世代が楽しんでいるのがいい。

Tanabata ornaments are not the only reason why you want to look up to the sky on Aitopia Avenue. In the evening, 8mm films that captured old-time Ishinomaki were projected onto the building.

Associate Professor Yousuke Mano's laboratory at Tokyo Institute of Technology, who has been supporting Ishinomaki since the 311 earthquake and tsunami, had an exhibition on the history of Ishinomaki and changes happened in its downtown since the 311. Their students also organized a city tour that covers locations featured in the exhibition.