During a tour to visit Triton Project sites, we stopped by at JR Onagawa Station newly rebuilt by architect Shigeru Ban in Onagawa Town which is now in the recovery process from the 311 tsunami. It's a magnificent building but it has warmth and an approachable atmosphere. This stunning station is an entrance to Onagawa and at the same time an entrance to Onagawa's future.
TRITON PROJECTの現場訪問ツアーの途中、震災からの復興が進む女川町に建築家の坂茂氏によって再建されたJR女川駅に立ち寄った。なかなか壮大な建物だが、温かで親しみやすい雰囲気を持っている。この素晴らしい駅は女川の入り口であるだけでなく、女川の未来への入り口でもある。

With members of the tour. From left: Kyoko-san from MakigumiDr. Yosuke Mano of Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Suzuki-san from Tohoku University.