The Mainichi Newspaper has a small shrine called "Mainichi Shrine" on the rooftop of its headquarters. It honors crews of company plane "Nippon-Go" that made a round-the-world flight 70 years ago. They say this shrine was build to dedicate tons of lucky charms sent from people all over Japan who were wishing safe return of crews and the plane. Every autumn the company holds ceremony named "Reitaisai" at this shrine and family members of crews and related people get together. This year, to celebrate 70th anniversary of "Nippon-Go" flight, I was invited to the ceremony as the one who helped Ms. Maha Harada's novel "Tsubasa wo kudasai~Freedom in the sky" featuring that historic plane.
毎日新聞社は本社屋の屋上に「毎日神社」という小さな神社を持っている。70年前に世界一周フライトをした社有機「ニッポン号」のクルーを祀ったもの。クルーと機が無事帰還するよう祈って日本中の人が送ってきた大量のお守りをまとめたことが、そもそもの起源らしい。毎秋、毎日新聞社はこの神社で「例大祭」という式を行っており、クルーのご家族や関係者が集まる。「ニッポン号」世界一周70周年を迎えた今年、その歴史的な航空機が登場する原田マハさんの小説「翼をください~Freedom in the sky」を手伝った一人として、僕も招待してもらった。

Praying in pure shinto style for the very first time.

Supervisor of "Team Nippon-Go", Yabe-san of Mori Building praying for the souls of Nippon-Go crews wishing they could help our project succeed.

Harada-san making a speech in naorai party. Naorai is an after party in shinto way.

"Team Nippon-Go" with family members of Nippon-Go crews, under the flag of a company who made a round-the-world flight happen 70 years ago.