One of my best ex-colleague now becomes my new colleague. Shig, who used to be an account person at WKT and is also known as a guy on Mori Building poster, joined Apple and will move to the US with his wife Shurei to start their new life around Bay and Valley. So glad to have a chance to work with him again. Welcome aboard and enjoy your new flight, Shig & Shurei!
最良の同僚だった一人が、新しい同僚になった。元WKTのアカウントパーソン、森ビルのポスターに登場した男としても知られるシグがAppleに参加。奥さんのシュウレイと一緒にUSへ引っ越し、ベイとバレーのあたりで新しい毎日を始める。また一緒に仕事ができるのは最高。シグ&シュウレイ、Welcome aboard and enjoy your new flight!