Tateshina Juku (school) is an open forum where people talk and think about "twin-hub lifestyle" which connects Tokyo and Tateshina Highland in Nagano Prefecture. We saw a lot of interesting attendees including architect, author, artist, interior designer, gardener, and people from wide range of industries such as real estate, finance, and technology. The organizer Mr. Toshio Yabe from Mori Building is making an opening presentation introducing pleasure of life in Tateshina. He is my ex-client and my geek-mate who shares a passion for aviation with me.

Architect Mr. Masataka Baba who leads Real Tokyo Estate and Open A, and Ms. Maha Harada, an author of the novel "Tsubasa wo kudasai ~ Freedom in the sky", are on stage and talk about possibilities of "twin-hub lifestyle" for creative people. Mr. Baba is also known as a person who is introducing fascinating "twin-hub" living in Boso area.
東京R不動産Open Aを運営・主催する建築家の馬場正尊さんと、小説「翼をください~ Freedom in the sky」を書いた作家である原田マハさんがステージに登場して、クリエイティブな人々のための「2拠点生活」の可能性を語る。馬場さんは房総での魅力的な2拠点ライフを紹介していることでも知られる方。

With Mr. Baba and Mr. Yabe. At Tokyo Midtown, the venue of Tateshina Juku.

Harada-san joins.