Kameshichi Gofukuten, the kimono boutique with a 150-year history located across the street from IRORI Ishinomaki, might be the world's most technologically-advanced kimono retailer. Inside the store, they opened "Community Cafe Kameshichi (Comi-Kame)" equipped with Wi-Fi, DTP-enabled iMac, and iPads, where people can have a coffee, work online, browse e-books, get the local information, and enjoy live music (Of course you can buy kimonos and yukatas). The most amazing thing about Comi-Kame is a huge collection of over 2000 historically valuable Japanese magazines from the 1960-80s collected by the owner Yonekura-san. After surviving the 311 earthquake and tsunami, it has been carefully preserved and organized with a help from Japan Magazine Publishers Association and is now available to anyone. Comi-Kame is also a part of Ishinomaki 2.0 project.

With Yonekura-san. Ask him about the details of each magazine. He will share his knowledge with you like a museum curator.