I joined the talk event at 3331 Arts Chiyoda titled "Ideas for restoration -powered by Ishinomaki Voice". This event organized by Ishinomaki 2.0, a grass-roots team who is building the future of tsunami-affected Ishinomaki City with creative solutions, was held to celebrate the release of 3rd issue of their free paper Ishinomaki Voice, and invited people who are bringing unconventional ideas to the devastated area to tackle with legacy issues their communities have. The leaders of the community of Kanda, one of the most traditional neighborhoods in central Tokyo, were also invited to present ideas to move their own community forward. This event turned out to be a very interesting opportunity which two geographically distant communities could share similar issues and their optimism about the future.
3331 Arts Chiyodaで開かれた「復興のIDEA powered by 石巻VOICE」というトークイベントを観に行った。主催は、津波の被害にあった石巻の未来をクリエイティブな手法で作っているグラスルーツのチーム「石巻2.0」。彼らのフリーペーパー「石巻VOICE」の第3号発行を記念して開かれたこのイベントには、被災地のコミュニティが以前から抱えている様々な問題を、従来の枠を超えたアイデアで解決しようとしている人たちが招かれた。ディスカッションには東京都心で最も伝統的な地域の一つである神田のコミュニティの代表者の方々も参加し、自らの地域を前進させるためのアイデアを伝えてくれた。地理的に離れた二つのコミュニティが、似たような課題や未来への期待感を共有した、とても意味のあるイベントになったと思う。

The discussion was led by Nishida-san, an architect and one of key members of Ishinomaki 2.0. Akio, editor in chief of Ishinomaki Voice, also joined the session.