I checked out Hashidoori Common, a new venue in Ishinomaki downtown where you can enjoy casual dining, shopping, spontaneous street culture, and something unexpected, when they were busy preparing for its grand opening. Each vendor at this place uses travel trailers which were transferred from 246 Common, an outdoor food court in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, or turns shipping containers into their stores as DIY projects. Makigumi, Ishinomaki's new creative shop I'm supporting, is in charge of branding and marketing for this place which is built along Hashidoori Street. I proposed the name Hashidoori Common which can show respect for the name of the historic street, and at the same time succeed the spirit of 246 Common. Ishinomaki's IT company ITNAV, high school students from Ishinomaki School, Mr. Gakudan Hitori from Kotobuki Dance Hall, a local high schooler break dance team, local high schooler and junior high schooler musicians, and several local culinary stars will join the grand opening events. This place will be a new icon of Ishinomaki downtown which is building its future by hand.