Can't-miss openings continue in Nakano. This evening I joined the opening reception of Uotaniya, a seafood restaurant+bar run by Fisherman Japan. Fisherman Japan is the organization of young fishermen in Tohoku region who are revolutionizing the fishery industry in Japan. I have been supporting their Triton Project as a pro-bono activity with my work partner Gino a.k.a. Woog. At this restaurant, you can enjoy the freshest, top quality ingredients directly sent from the member fishermen of Fisherman Japan.
見逃せないオープニングが中野で続く。今夜は、Fisherman Japanが経営する海鮮居酒屋「魚谷屋」のオープニングレセプションに参加した。Fisherman Japanは日本の水産業に革命を起こしつつある東北の若手漁師たちの団体で、僕は仕事のパートナーであるジーノa.k.a. Woogと一緒に、彼らのTRITON PROJECTをプロボノでサポートしている。そんなFisherman Japanの漁師の皆さんから最高に新鮮で最高に質の高い食材が直接届く、というのがこの店の魅力。

Uotaniya's team leader, Uotani-san. He has been a member of the project on Hamaguri Beach in Ishinomaki.

From left: Gino, Hinako, and Yoshi.

With Matsuoka-san from Pyramid Film Quadra. She is in charge of the websites for Triton Project and Fisherman Japan.
TRITON PROJECTやFisherman Japanのウェブサイトを担当している、ピラミッドフィルム クアドラの松岡さんと。