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Visiting Inadani area in Nagano Prefecture for the first time and this is the hotel I chose. They call it Prince Hotel but it has nothing to do with Prince Hotels and belongs to a completely different hotel group whose name sounds like a famous advertising agency . I guess it's like Osaka Teikoku (Imperial) Hotel that has nothing to do with Imperial Hotels . 長野県の伊那谷エリアを初めて訪問。で、このホテルに泊まる。プリンスホテルという名前だが、 プリンスホテルズ とは一切関係がなく、 有名な広告代理店のような名前を持ったまったく違うホテルグループ に属している。 帝国ホテルとまったく関係がない大阪帝国ホテル のようなものか。 I asked for a larger room and they gave me the "Bride's Room". Is a groom not allowed here? 大きめの部屋をリクエストしたら「花嫁の部屋」をくれた。新郎はダメなのだろうか。 Is this a dressing table for a bride? このドレッシングテーブルは花嫁用? The room was okay. But the problem was that the hotel didn't have coffee at all in the morning—even a canned coffee. So I had to run to a nearby convenience store. If you happen to run a hotel, you need to have coffee before putting up some chandeliers in the lobby. 部屋