As a special treat to the author who is writing a novel on their historical plane "Nippon-Go", Aviation Department of The Mainichi Newspapers invited Ms. Maha Harada to the special flight of their corporate plane "Phoenix II" that departs from their own hangar at Osaka Itami Airport. Harada-san's editor, Yanagi-san from The Mainichi Newspapers, and I also joined this gorgeous tour in the sky over Kansai as the members of "Team Nippon-Go."

"Phoenix II" is the Piper Cheyenne. This is one of two Cheyennes in Japan, and the other one that belongs to Nippon Aerotech in Chofu was coincidentally in the hangar when we shot my "Flightman" movie there.

TCA chart of Osaka area. Capt. Fujita and Pilot Mr.Anzai told us "Today we can fly you anywhere you like." I've never heard of these kinda words from cockpit crews throughout my whole aviation experiences.