The front row of Affaires on the Air France 777-300 has longer partitions and more private feel. This version of the plane has brown/beige seats, instead of blue/off-white.

La Première (First) has no passengers, and more than 90% of Affaires (Business) seats are vacant. And I'm flying for free. A 777-300 that is almost like a private jet is not bad at all, even though it makes the airline feel bad. Air France might review its Kansai route soon.

Taking off from RWY 6R and climbing with KIX's typical circling pattern to avoid scattering noises over the populated areas.

If US airlines stick with a sundae, AF does the same with a sorbet. They never call it a sherbet. Air France B777-300 KIX-CDG. The 485th flight in my lifetime.
もし米系航空会社がサンデーにこだわるなら、エアフラはソルベにこだわる。彼らは決してシャーベットとは呼ばない。エールフランス B777-300 KIX-CDG。生涯485フライト目。


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the pics of Row 3. Next time you fly AF 291/292 please consider taking photos of Row 4 A & B so that we have a mor ecomplete idea of what the "Mini" cabin is like.

Once again, thanks!

Shun Iwai said…
Thanks for your comment, Roy.
Are you from AF?
Anonymous said…
No I'm not from AF.

I will be flying AF for the first time to KIX this coming September/October in Row 4AB and I've been trying to see what that area looks like.

Once again thanks for your posts.

Shun Iwai said…
This section of 773 is quite comfortable and relaxing, whatever route you fly on.
Anonymous said…
By the way, I have also been trying to determine what the lounge for AF look slike at the KIX airport ...

Is the "Ikoma Lounge" the AF Lounge?

Once again, thanks for readng these comments.

Shun Iwai said…
Yes. So far Ikoma is serving as AF lounge in KIX. No window, no wonderful meal, but ok.