Arrived at Fiumicino and found the A320 I was flying with was named after Italian poet Vincenzo Monti.

Sighting of Alitalia's A320 with a special livery that has the slogan "Muoviamo chi muove l'Italia" (We move the people that move Italy going) on it.
「Muoviamo chi muove l'Italia」(イタリアを動かす人々を動かす)なるスローガンを掲げた、特別塗装のアリタリアA320を目撃。

Maybe FCO is one of the worst airports for international connection. It's like a Japanese old hot spring inn which has kept adding annexes over years. Once you deplane, you turn left, and right, then keep walking for a while turning some more corners. Then you go through passport control. After that, you repeat the same thing again except passport control, then finally reach the gate of a shuttle to the terminal for your flight, not the gate of your flight. Sigh.