Visited Onagawa, a neighboring town of Ishinomaki, which was heavily damaged by the 311 tsunami, with Koizumi-san from Ishinomaki 2.0. At the parking lot of community medical center overlooking Onagawa Bay, we met a member of the local NPO who is supporting projects like El Faro, the unique trailer house hotel run by local inn owners who lost their properties. A recovery is still a long way off, but people working hard to rebuild the community are bringing new energy to this town.
石巻2.0小泉さんと一緒に、石巻の隣りにある、311の津波で大きな被害を受けた女川町を訪問した。女川湾を一望する医療センターの駐車場でお会いしたのは、地元のNPOのメンバーの方。彼らは、自らの施設を失った旅館経営者の方々が運営するユニークなトレーラーハウスのホテル「El Faro」などのプロジェクトをサポートしている。復興への道はまだ長いが、コミュニティの再建に向けて取り組みを続ける人たちが、この街で新しいエネルギーを生み出している。

Koizumi-san is standing in front of the prefabricate studio of 79.3MHz –Onagawa Saigai (disaster) FM, the temporary community radio station. They were launched about a month after the tsunami to provide information to the people who lost almost every tool of communication. Since then, this station run by young residents of Onagawa including high school students keeps connecting people around the town with information and music. They are also delivering the voice of Onagawa across the nation via Twitter and internet radio.

Sasa-Kamaboko (bamboo-leaf-shaped fish cake) manufacturer Takamasa, the leading company of the town, is another energy for Onagawa's recovery. Their brand-new store was filled with group tourists who are enthusiastic about buying their products.