This is my first time flying with Delta's A330 which was retrofitted with new seats built by Zodiac Aerospace. They made a big leap from previous-generation seats that were introduced in NWA era.

These seats offering optimal privacy are basically the same as ones on 747-400. I wonder what kind of seats Delta will bring to the A330-900neo and the A350 XWB they just ordered.
プライバシーが十分にあるこのシートは、基本的には747-400に搭載されているものと同じ。つい最近デルタはA330-900neoとA350 XWBをオーダーしたが、それらの新機材にはどんなシートが用意されるのだろう。

I spotted John, my ex-boss at Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo, on the Japanese version of inflight magazine. Delta A330-300 SEA-NRT. The 619th flight in my lifetime.
日本語版機内誌をめくったら、ワイデン+ケネディ東京での元上司、ジョンを発見。デルタ A330-300 SEA-NRT。生涯619フライト目。