I was invited to the opening reception of the Studio Ghibli Exhibition held at Tokyo City View, Mori Building's observation deck & gallery which sits above my office in Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. This exhibition that celebrates the 30-year-long history of Studio Ghibli's unprecedented creativity was made possible by the effort of Mr. Toshio Yabe, my ex-client at Mori Building and my geek-mate who shares a passion for aviation with me. He has built a personal relationship with Ghibli and planned this exhibition without relying on a typical business model which requires involvement of media companies and advertising agencies.
(Permission granted for photos)

The cat bus has arrived in Roppongi. Note the letter "wood" in its destination sign is shown upside down. Another Ghibli trivia?

One of the highlights of the exhibition is moving Laputa's giant flying boat and it can be found in "Studio Ghibli's Flying Machines" section. As an airplane geek, Yabe-san has been most passionate about this section.
博覧会の目玉の一つは、実際に動く巨大なラピュタの飛空挺。航空愛好家である矢部さんが最も情熱を傾けた、「スタジオジブリ 空飛ぶ機械達展」のコーナーで見ることができる。

Flying Machines section was curated by Yabe-san. So here it is. The Mitsubishi Twin-Engine Transport L3M1 "Nippon-Go". Yabe-san and I supported Ms. Maha Harada as aviation advisers when she wrote her novel that featured this plane.

Two-dimensional Yabe-san guides you through the exhibition. The exhibition runs until September 11th.