During our tour to visit the fishing ports around Ishinomaki, we made a stop at Onagawa—a town heavily damaged by the 2011 tsunami. The main part of the town was completely washed away, however, now you can enjoy visiting the beautifully rebuilt central business district. Here you find a cozy cafe, a guitar workshop, a super popular seafood restaurant, a train station with a hot spring, and more. Along with countless events and entertainment programs the town keeps offering, they make Onagawa a magnet for visitors and a front runner in disaster recovery.

Another attraction in town: the Damborghini Avendanbor—a meticulously crafted 1:1 cardboard (dam-boul in Japanese) model of the Lamborghini Aventador.

This is Mr. Konno, the president of an Ishinomaki-based cardboard and package manufacturer and the creator of the Damborghini. Konno-san has been helping tsunami victims providing tools and furniture made of reinforced cardboard. Lamborghini's authorized dealer in Tokyo discovered his story and officially supported his Damborghini project.