7A ON THE 777

Flying to LAX on my usual flight—DL6.

Again, I could get one of my favorite seats on Delta's Triple—7A.

This small space behind the tall closet makes a big difference giving a passenger more privacy.

Let's go. Two Rolls-Royce Trent 895 engines pushes me up to the Tokyo sky.
出発。2基のロールス・ロイス トレント895エンジンが、僕を東京の空へ押し上げていく。

Same as 7D, thanks to the walls around it, this seat turns into a nice comfy bed. Delta B777-200 HND-LAX. The 738th flight in my lifetime.
7D同様、周りにある壁のおかげで、この席はなかなか快適なベッドになる。デルタ B777-200 HND-LAX。生涯738フライト目。