Flying to New Chitose today. JAL made a last minute change of the plane for this flight from the 777-200 to 767-300. So the seat configuration was also changed from 2-2-2 to 2-1-2. I took a solo seat in the middle.

A paper crane is placed next to a hand sanitizer in the lavatory of a plane that has the crane logo. Japanese people sometimes fold paper cranes (orizuru) to wish for someone's recovery from illness. I'm really wishing a quick recovery for the airline industry around the globe. JAL B767-300 HND-CTS. The 781st flight in my lifetime.
鶴のロゴがついた機体のラバトリーの中に折り鶴が飾られている。横には手指用の消毒スプレーが。折り鶴には、病気が早く治りますようにとの願いを込めることもある。今はとにかく、世界中の航空業界が早く元通りになることを祈りたい。JAL B767-300 HND-CTS。生涯781フライト目。