One night in Fukui City. Yours Hotel, practically the only choice in downtown Fukui, was closed for good last year. So I chose this place with a long, hard-to-remember name since I found they have relatively spacious rooms. The room I got was spacious for sure, but the bathroom is something from the 1980s Japanese apartment and has a strange layout. It was clear that they didn't spend any money to renovate bathrooms for the guests while they built an over-the-top lounge, where they offer no coffee, no snack, no nothing, next to the front desk. It seemed the room decor was chosen by a designer who has experience designing only sleazy bars and never worked on hotels. The neighboring city Kanazawa has got two new Hyatts. But here in Fukui, it looks like we need to wait till 2024, when Marriott opens a new Courtyard, to stay in a decent hotel.