On a fine day, I'm flying to Portland, Oregon, on Delta's 767-300 with winglet.

I've been waiting for this for years. My familiar "commuter plane" to SFO—Delta's 767-300—finally got the flat-bed seats and this is my first flight with them. A newly-upgraded interior also has a rearranged galley and bigger and easier-to-use lavatories. Delta gave their 767s a staggered seat layout while their 747s and 777s have the herringbone style solo seats.

Recently-introduced amenity kit by Tumi.

You can pre-order a Japanese meal on Delta's website with just a few clicks.

The bed mode of a flat-bed seat. Getting over 300km/h tailwind in the winter jet stream, my 767 flies like a bullet while I'm sleeping. Luckily it looks like we will arrive much earlier than scheduled. Delta B767-300 NRT-PDX. The 562nd flight in my lifetime.
フラットベッドシートのベッドモード。僕が眠っている間も、冬のジェットストリームによる時速300キロを超える追い風を受け、767は弾丸のような速さで飛ぶ。幸いなことに、かなりの早着になる模様。デルタ B767-300 NRT-PDX。生涯562フライト目。