Continues to explore the museum. This is a Type M tramcar 4137 built in the late 1920s by Lohner-Werke, a Viennese luxury coach and aircraft manufacturer that was acquired by Bombardier in 1970. Ferdinand Porsche was hired by Lohner in his early career.

The gallery also has the four-legged beauties. First, a Saurer diesel longnose bus built in 1949.

This is the six-legged—a handsome Gräf & Stift DD-2FU double-decker bus that was used from 1961 until the mid-1970s.

"A bus from the river"— in 1976, the Reichsbrücke (Imperial Bridge) over the Danube collapsed and dragged an articulated bus into the water. The bus was salvaged, restored, and used again until 1989. And this is the bus.

A cute Steyr City Bus model SC6 F72. I love its 70s design. Steyr-Daimler-Puch was an Austrian manufacturing conglomerate, and a part of it is still making the engines for military vehicles and marine engines.
可愛らしいシュタイアのシティバス、SC6 F72型。70sなデザインが最高。シュタイア・ダイムラー・プフはかつてオーストリアにあった製造業のコングロマリットで、今でもその一部が軍用車両のエンジンやマリンエンジンを作っている。