The exhibition "227 Jucchu-hachiku," showcasing ten powerful Chinese designers and artists, is now held at Creation Galley G8 in Ginza. This art show is curated by my ex-colleague Kimi and art-directed by my current colleague Gino. I wrote the concept copy and the title of the exhibition. "Jucchu-hachiku" means "Bamboo breaking power of ten Chinese", and it's interesting to know that Chinese people can also understand the meaning of this Japanese title. (Not sure if they can understand the word play with Japanese expression "Jucchu-hakku" which implies "most likely", though.) Actually "hachiku (bamboo breaking)" is the word that came from China more than a thousand years ago.
パワフルな中国の十組のデザイナーとアーティストを取り上げた「227 十中破竹」が銀座のクリエイションギャラリーG8で開かれている。このエキシビションのキュレーターは元同僚のキミ。アートディレクターは今の同僚のジーノ。僕はコンセプトコピーと副題を書かせてもらった。「十中破竹」とは「十の、中国の、破竹の勢い」という意味だが、中国の人たちもこの日本語の副題の意味を理解できるのが面白い(日本語の「十中八九」との言葉遊びであることを彼らが理解するかはわからないが)。そもそも「破竹」という言葉自体、千年以上前に中国から渡って来たものらしい。