Vibrant, creative, and future-oriented. Aitopia Avenue of Ishinomaki is now becoming Meatpacking District or Shoreditch of Tohoku region. It is the home of can't-miss spots like IRORI Ishinomaki, Ishinomaki Laboratory, Comi-Kame, and other innovative ideas are also gathering here.

Next to IRORI Ishinomaki is Hiyori Art Center, a gallery space hosting a variety of artists in residence. This gallery was opened by the cultural exchange program between Yokohama and Ishinomaki, and also plays a role as a supporter for local artists and the crossroad of art and the community.

Looking for lodging? Here's "Fukko Minpaku" which means "The guesthouse to revive the city". This is a part of Ishinomaki 2.0 project, and just like a regular hotel, you can book it online.
泊まる場所が必要なら「復興民泊」へ。 これも石巻2.0のプロジェクトの一つで、一般のホテルのようにオンラインで予約することができる。

On Aitopia Avenue, even a drink vending machine is looking toward the future. This is a collaboration among the national brand Kirin Beverage, Ishinomaki 2.0, and Comi-Kame.

They say the French Revolution was started at cafes in Paris. Here in Ishinomaki, "the revolution" starts at Fukko Bar. This tiny bar at the south end of Aitopia is a place where people get together, interact, and talk about the future of the city. The main bartender is Matsumura-san, Representative Director of Ishinomaki 2.0.