Ishinomaki Laboratory is a community crafts studio located in a building adjacent to IRORI Ishinomaki. They are
partner project of Ishinomaki 2.0. This studio, founded by architect Keiji Ashizawa and supported by Herman Miller and other companies, is a place where local Ishinomaki people handcraft wooden furniture products designed by Tokyo architects. The studio team is led by Factory Manager Chiba-san who is a local sushi chef. They are also holding a lot of workshops as a unique educational institute for the community.

Products of Ishinomaki Laboratory are now available online on
Fukko (which means recovery from the 311 tsunami and earthquake) Department Store page or Ishinomaki Laboratory page of Yahoo! Japan Shopping. Their sophisticated wooden furniture is already making a great success and has been installed in notable offices and stores including Tokyo office of Media Arts Lab, Apple's ad agency. What they brought into tsunami-affected areas was creative and innovative ideas to nurture new industry. This is another birthplace of the future of Ishinomaki.
工房の製品は、現在Yahoo! Japanショッピングの「復興デパートメント」ページ、または石巻工房ページからオンラインで購入することができる。洗練されたデザインを持つ彼らの木製家具はすでに大人気となり、Appleの広告代理店であるMedia Arts Labの東京オフィスをはじめとする注目すべきオフィスや店舗にも導入されている。津波の被災地にクリエイティブで革新的なアイデアを持ち込み、新しい産業を育てている石巻工房。ここにもまた、石巻の未来がある。