I encountered some exotic trains at Okayama Station. First, I found the Anpanman-themed 2000 series DMU owned by Tosa Kuroshio Railway in Kochi Prefecture. This train is operated for the limited express service Nanpu connecting Okayama and Kochi.

This looks a bit faster. Another Anpanman-themed train—the 8000 series EMU operated by JR Shikoku for the limited express services on the electrified routes between Okayama/Takamatsu and Matsuyama.

Next, the N2000 series tilting DMU operated by JR Shikoku for the limited express service Uzushio running into Tokushima Prefecture that has no electrified rail route at all.

This train makes me feel nostalgic. The JNR-built 117 series EMU can still be seen here. It's a serious workhorse which served Kansai and Nagoya areas for the special rapid service in the 80-90s. The font they use on its front emblem keeps the tradition of rapid services in Kansai area. And they now run it as the driver-only operation.